#068 Cogent Packet Loss in Zurich


This post is about of Incident #098, relating high packet loss from some part of the Cogent network.


  • Date/Time: The issue started at approximately 01:55 PM June 2 2010.
  • Symptoms: Some customer is affected by high packet loss.
  • Impact: This affect our Cogent IP-Transit in Europe.
  • Root Cause: Cogent just confirmed they are having a heavy dDoS attack in Zurich. They are working on this issue to solve it ASAP.
  • Takeaways: we were updated by Cogent at 02:05 CEST that they are managing the dDoS and mitigated it on their backbone ingress ports. All traffic has been rerouted to other transit carrier on our Engine Networks Backbone BGP routers.

This now concludes this System Incident. If you feel that you are still experiencing the symptoms outlined in this post, please open a support request from the Engine Technology Support Portal.

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