How Can Current Events Affect Your Business Connectivity?

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How Can Current Events Affect Your Business Connectivity?

14 December 2011 Nessun commento

Have you ever thought about how current events might affect your business connectivity and bandwidth needs? I was reading an article on CNN?s website about the untimely death of Michael Jackson and the effects it had on Internet traffic. CNN claimed to have had a fivefold increase in traffic after Jackson?s passing. They reported 20 MILLION page views the HOUR the story broke. 20 million, in one hour. It made me think how an unforeseen news event could impact a business? bandwidth needs.

Google, which has one of the largest infrastructures on the Internet, reported that users were complaining that the service was unavailable for a length of time after Jackson?s death as well. Google news was down; something that I didn?t even know was possible. Twitter also crashed.

What will happen to your business connectivity if your cousin is on the news and mentions your website? Do you have enough bandwidth to take advantage in a giant spike of your web traffic? Would you even know what to do? How quickly can you react to avert a problem?

Planning after the fact means you missed an opportunity, or worse, let your customers down. My point is: are you prepared for an unplanned event, good or bad?

Most customers that I speak with daily at Engine Networks ask about how we plan for the worst case scenario. They rarely ask about the best case scenario. What happens to your business connectivity if there is a stampede to your server?

Will you be ready?

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Disaster Recovery: Safeguarding Your Data

12 December 2011 Nessun commento

Here?s a little advice from your colocation experts: Don?t be caught without a safety net. The effects of data loss can range from being mildly annoying to financially devastating. Although it can arise from outside sources such as natural disasters, the large majority of data loss results from human error. To avoid losing valuable company data, we recommend that companies implement several important practices.

Protect the physical safety and performance of your computers by housing them in areas that are clean, dry and away from locations where accidents could easily occur. Electrical surges can also damage computers. Having an un-interrupted power supply may prevent this type of damage, but you?ll also want to account for the possibility of static electricity with surge protectors.

You have probably heard that you should back up your data. This is more difficult to manage when multiple people have access to company files. Administering effective company-wide procedures and conducting regular trainings on computer virus protection can help mitigate unintentional and costly errors.

All of these measures can help prevent data loss, but nothing replaces backing up your company files with the assistance of Engine Networks? data center services, such as co-location, managed hosting, and disaster recovery through different datacentres. Engine Networks? Data Centers are state of the art.

Our security, reliability and expertise are world-class. Plus, our Technical Support ensures that you are covered at every level and every step of the way. Since Engine Networks fully builds, deploys and manages IT operations, we have all of the tools, materials and devices you might need in our data center.

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Everyone is Excited for CyberMonday ? Your Vendors, Your Customers, and Hackers

17 November 2011 Nessun commento

Less than 15 days until CyberMonday. Your warehouse is full. Your shipper is standing by. But have you considered what will happen at your website after a flood of qualified buyers click on the irresistible and precisely worded ad for your product or service? Now (not then) is the time to find out if your website can take the heat that CyberMonday will dish out.

The Yahoo! Network Insights team reveals that eCommerce retailers see a 73% increase in online conversions on the Monday following Thanksgiving (compared to the average shopping day in November). This means when consumers open their wallet on 11/30, they will be ready to buy.

You?ve got one shot, one day to win their holiday business, and you need to be totally sure your customers? data is completely secure, as hackers are just waiting to steal all of those juicy credit card numbers from the thousands of people coming to your site that day.

So how can you improve user experience and conversion for your eCommerce Web site on high traffic days like CyberMonday while ensuring their security? Creative elements aside, there a many technical intricacies that help make your Web site stand out online and stay secure.

Load times, load times, load times. When your Web server is underpowered, pages load slowly and can even fail making it appear that your Web site is down. If your Web site appears to be on the fritz, consumers a) won?t have the patience to wait on you to get it figured out or b) will lose faith in your ability to process orders successfully.

A Web site on the fritz raises questions in consumers minds and decreases the likelihood that they?ll hand over their hard earned money. Was my order received? Is this Web site capable of protecting my PII (personally identifiable information)? Could someone steal my credit card number? And you know what? These are totally legitimate fears. Hacker activity in the last year has increased drastically, and your buyers know it.

Nestling your precious eCommerce Web site in a reliable, High Availability hosting environment and deploying a content delivery network capable of quickly serving up all your high-quality product shots, video customer testimonials, and other heavy media files can help prevent the situation from ever becoming a concern.

Predators on the prowl. Like your telephone operators, cybercriminals are standing by to take orders. They attack your website forms with SQL injections. They use CSRF (cross site request forgery) to inject malicious code capable of stealing information or even redirecting unwitting consumers off your website which obviously prevents them from completing a purchase. Malicious malware installations can damage your search engine rankings and even get your website banned from Google altogether.

Now more than ever, cybercriminals attack without regard or preference for Windows or Linux. Surrounding the application with multiple varieties and layers of protection between your code and the outside world is the best way to shield your eCommerce website from hackers.

Locking down ports. Installing application-focused firewalls. Deploying IDS (intrusion detection systems). Patching regularly. Contingency plans and encrypted backup restoration. All of these devices and techniques must be executed with precision and enterprise-level expertise to stand a chance at warding off cyber attacks. And in the event the your Web site or application is breached, you?ll need a team of responsive, knowledgeable Support Superheroes to help get you back online quickly.

Help users find what they need FAST. The Google Mini Search Appliance applies Google-grade search algorithms to the content on your website so users can find what they?re looking for FAST, every time. The Google Mini search service works with all hosting platforms, so Windows and Linux users can benefit from its capabilities.

Highly configurable, the Google Mini gives you control over which content will appear in your web search results to assist visitors in finding the perfect gift quickly on CyberMonday. The Google Mini is capable of indexing content for large websites (up to 300,000 pages to be exact) so all the products in your eCommerce product catalog can be included.

Elicit confidence, solicit a sale. Once you?ve achieved a high comfort level with the foundation upon which your website resides, you can turn your sites back to fostering trust by incorporating website elements customers can see and appreciate.

SSL Certificates and Security Badges go a long way toward improving your website conversion rate. The type and grade of SSL you select does more than provide an eye-catching dose of confidence. Most SSL providers back their encryption with warranties and insurance for online shoppers and retailers alike, so the protection goes beyond ?feel good? sentiments to providing financial compensation in the event the SSL product?s capabilities are compromised.

So What Now? We?d be willing to bet that you?ve devoted the majority of your effort toward ensuring the ?physical? components of your shopping season (inventory, staff, packaging, etc) are in place. In the process, you may have inadvertently overlooked the most important factor of your CyberMonday success: Is your Web site capable to handle the influx of shoppers and is it capable of protecting their identity?

You still have time to assess your Web application?s hosting environment and take steps to improve your capabilities or remediate problems before November 30. You know the old adage, prepare for the worst, hope for the best. May you all have a profitable holiday season, with few gliches on your site, and nary a hacker to bah-humbug your business!

This article was featured in eCommerce Times.

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#090 Planned Maintenance: 26.11.2011, 22:00 ? 01:00 UTC Network Optimization

16 November 2011 Nessun commento

As part of our commitment to continually improve the level of service you receive from Engine Networks, we are undertaking a Network Optimization. This will be performed between 26/11/2011 22:00 UTC and 27/11/2011 01:00 UTC to improve the resiliency, performance and stability of our network. These works may be impacting service(s) and short public internet outage may occure.

All Services such VMware Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Colocation, and Housing will remain powered up and no action from customers is needed.

This maintenance concerns :
- VMware Cloud Hosting in Milan (Only internet connectivity).
- Dedicated Server Hosting in Milan (Only internet connectivity).
- Colocation in Milan (Only internet connectivity).
- Housing in Milan (Only internet connectivity).
- IP-Transit

This maintenance not concerns :
- All services in datacenter other then Milan 1 (MI1)
- MPLS, IP-VPN, IP-Transport and any private inter-datacenter private links.

Planned window time : between 26/11/2011 22:00 UTC and 27/11/2011 01:00 UTC
Planned downtime : 3 hours

All times are UTC time zone.

Of course we?ll try to keep the outages as short as possible.

Should we encounter any problems during the maintenance, we will
postpone the remaining upgrades to a later date, which of course will be
announced before. Please be also aware, that the timetable may vary a
bit in case of unpredictable delays.

We hope this planned work meets with your approval and apologise in advance for any disruption to your operation

All activities will be updated promptly on our twitter channel and on our facebook page and by email.

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Engine Networks Expands Routing Footprint

3 November 2011 Nessun commento

Juniper MX960 Milano Caldera DatacenterHere at Engine Networks we’re quietly expanding our network capacity and using Juniper Networks MX 3D Universal Edge Routers throughout our facilities increased Engine Networks’ port capacity and routing footprints four times.

The addition of higher capacity Juniper networking gear into our Milano Calder DataCenter (Called Datacenter MI1) is the first step and it means faster performance, greater stability, increased reliability throughout our facility for customers and end-users around the world and now latency has been further reduced.

Now Engine Networks is able to interconnect all customers already present into the Milano Caldera campus to its network for Disaster Recovery pourpose or expanding into the Engine Networks VMware Cloud with a link speed up to 10Gbps.

We’re planning for additional facilities in the coming months, built with the same Juniper Networks MX Series routers. Engine Networks provides VMware Cloud, Enterprise Dedicated Servers at data centers in Milano, Geneva and Zurich, and network Points of Presence in whole Europe.

Cloud IPv6 deployment: Phase 1 completed

15 September 2011 Nessun commento

The first phase of bringing IPv6 into the cloud has been completed today. The first part of deploying IPv6 involved making sure that all new servers are deployed with IPv6 addresses. Starting now, all Virtual Machines could be deployed with an IPv6 IP address included for free (at no cost). We have ensured that the IPv6 address is setup on all types of platforms (CentOS, debian, windows) and work flawlessly.

All new Virtual Machines servers will continue to be loaded with 4 IPv4 addresses as well as 1 IPv6 address for free. This means that you will be running a dual-stack setup that is accessible by anyone both over IPv4 and IPv6. When the time will come that people will be forced to run over IPv6, your site will be ready and accessible with no problems.

The next phase is allowing current clients to add an IPv6 IP address to their server, this should be added in the coming days. It will allow all of our clients to enable IPv6 on their server by getting assigned an IP address and then it will automatically be deployed on your cloud server.

We are extremely happy to be one of the first cloud platforms to deploy IPv6. We are looking forward to bringing our entire cloud platform to IPv6 before the next World IPv6 day so that our clients are able to participate in it using our cloud platform. As usual, if you notice any issues where something doesn?t go right or you have any questions about IPv6, please contact us.

IPv6 – Are you ready ?

29 October 2010 Nessun commento

37 european Data Center available for Engine Networks Inter-Cloud

27 September 2010 Nessun commento

ENGINE Networks is deploying a new multi Gigabits Optic Fiber interconnection links between several DataCenters across europe, and many others will be interconnected in the next months. Here there is a list of the DC where the Private Cloud interconnection services are available :

  • Italy, Milan, Netscalibur , Via Caldera 21-Bldg. E
  • Italy, Milan, Seeweb, Via Caldera 21- Bldg. B
  • Italy, Milan, KPNquest, Via Caldera 21- Bldg. B
  • Italy, Milan, MIX, Via Caldera 21 – Bldg D
  • Italy, Rome, Eur Facility, Via della civilt? del lavoro
  • Italy, Rome, Namex, Via Dei Tizii 6b
  • France, Paris, Telehouse 1 – 38 rue des Jeuneurs
  • France, Paris, Telehouse 2 – 137 Boulevard Voltaire
  • France, Paris, Interxion – 45 Avenue Victor Hugo ? Aubervilliers
  • France, Paris, Interxion 2 – 20 rue des Gardinoux
  • France, Paris, Telecity Hugo – 45 Avenue Victor Hugo ? Aubervilliers
  • France, Paris, Telecity Energy Park (red) – 130-136 bd de Verdun – Courbevoie
  • France, Paris, Global Switch – 7/9 Rue Petit – Clichy
  • France, Paris, Equinix IX – 114 rue Ambroise Croizat ? Saint-Denis
  • Switzerland, Geneve, Equinix1 – 6 rue de la confederation
  • Switzerland, Zurich, Equinix ZH1 – Hardstrasse 235
  • Switzerland, Zurich, Equinix ZH2Josefstrasse 225
  • Switzerland, Zurich, ICT Center – Josefstrasse 225
  • Switzerland, Zurich, Colozueri – Badenerstrasse 569
  • Switzerland, Zurich, InterxionSagereistrasse 29
  • Portugal, Lisboa, Carrier House – Rua Severiano Falc?o 14
  • Portugal, Lisboa, GigaPix – Avenida do Brasil 101
  • UK, London, Telehouse North – 14 Coriander Avenue
  • UK, London, Telehouse East – 18 Coriander Avenue
  • UK, London, Telecity Mirlarbour – 47 Millharbour
  • UK, London, Telecity HEX – 8-9 Harbour Exchange
  • UK, London, Telecity 1 – 6-7 Harbour Exchange
  • UK, London, Equinix – 101 Finsbury Pavement
  • UK, London, Interxion (Brick Lane) – 11 Hanbury Street
  • UK, London, Redbus – 227 Marsh Wall
  • UK, London, Level 3 Goswell .- 260 Goswell Road
  • UK, London, London Hosting Centre – 5-6 Greenwich View Place
  • UK, London, Telehouse Metro – 65 Clifton St
  • UK, London, Level3 – 6 Braham St
  • UK, London, Equinix Park Royal – 900 Coronation Road
  • UK, London, Global Switch 2 – 3 Nutmeg Lane
  • UK, London, Equinix Heatrow – Bath Road Unit 1 Airport

Every Datacenter and PoP could be interconnect with a L3 MPLS link from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps or with the new revolutionary L2 VPLS links up to 10Gbps.

Why Private Clouds?

28 July 2010 Nessun commento

Why consider a private cloud? If I can put together an email account, online office environment, and group collaboration site in 10 minutes through Microsoft or Google, why should I consider building an internal cloud infrastructure, or leasing infrastructure from a cloud services provider (CSP) to meet my business objectives?

Well, whether you are in the European Union, North America, or Asia, there are compelling reasons to separate your data from a public cloud. Maybe it is related to privacy considerations. Possibly security requirements. Perhaps you need to ensure you have total control over the location and structure of your mission-critical data.

So let?s consider a few of the benefits cloud computing bring to your organization:

The option of outsourcing physical data center infrastructure to a Engine Networks

    Usage-based billing
    Infrastructure virtualization
    Software as a Service (SaaS) applications standardization
    Rapid infrastructure expansion/scalability
    Physical and application level security
    Infrastructure consolidation
    And on?

In reality, while costs may be reduced if outsourcing into a public cloud, all of the above characteristics of cloud computing apply equally to a private cloud. The main difference is your internal IT department or Engine Networks is responsible for expanding resources as needed to meet your business objectives through a level of physical provisioning vs. simply expanding further into a public cloud resource.

Got questions ? Take the enxt step. Let’s talk.

New 1Gbps fiber link to Datacenter MI1

19 July 2010 Nessun commento

Juniper MX240Engine Network has deployed the new 1 Gbps Fiber Ring to the Datacenter MI1 based in Interoute Dataenter into Calder Complex Milan (Italy). With this new link Engine Networks will be capable to connect the Interoute MI1 datacenter to its European Backbone and interconnect all its datacenters with L2 transport, IP-Transit, MPLS and Colocation services.

Another big step ahead that help us to increase network reliabilty and add new possibility to our customers.

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