New Peering agreement with Wind Infostrada at SwissIX

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New Peering agreement with Wind Infostrada at SwissIX

16 July 2010 Nessun commento
Wind Infostrada

Engine Networks make a new peering agreement in Zurich under our Autonomous System AS47316 with Wind Infostrada inside the SwissIX Peering Exhcange.

This will help us to have our services running faster for clients coming Italy.

When Load Balancing is needed ?

9 June 2010 Nessun commento

If there is only one web server responding to all the incoming HTTP requests for your website, the capacity of the web server may not be able to handle high volumes of incoming traffic once the website becomes popular. The website’s pages will load slowly as some of the users will have to wait until the web server is free to process their requests. The increase in traffic and connections to your website can lead to a point where upgrading the server hardware will no longer be cost effective.

In order to achieve web server scalability, more servers need to be added to distribute the load among the group of servers, which is also known as a server cluster. The load distribution among these servers is known as load balancing. Load balancing applies to all types of servers (application server, database server), however, we will be devoting this section for load balancing of web servers (HTTP server) only.

Request a quote to our Sales staff.

The Power of Dedicated Servers. The Scalability of Cloud Hosting. The Result ? One Cloud Servers.

17 May 2010 Nessun commento

EngineNetworks believes every business is entitled to protection from malicious hacker schemes. This mantra resonates in every decision we make and drives the daily activities for each and every agent of our organization.

We constantly strive to make enterprise-grade hosting features available for companies of all sizes, and VMWare?s vShield? capabilities (introduced last summer) have helped fulfill our mission. vShield? marks a significant advance in virtualization technology by providing a ?shared [multi-tenant] computing resource pool, while still maintaining trust and network segmentation of users and sensitive data.?

We quickly realized adding vShield? to our secure hosting infrastructure would make it possible to package the power and privacy of dedicated servers with cloud-like scalability, and our technology staff has worked tirelessly since the announcement to devise the right solution.

The result of their hard work is an affordable, compliance-ready Cloud Server with all the tools necessary to protect your customers? personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card information from hackers without hiring your own internal IT security staff.

Our new offering combines the best features of Dedicated and Cloud hosting into one, affordable Cloud Server. This service is new to the hosting marketplace and unique to EngineNetworks, so we?ve made it easy to compare how our Cloud Servers stack up against popular options. ?When security and affordability are key factors in your consideration set, we make it an easy decision,? said Engine Networks CEO and founder.

The standard features of our new Cloud Server proves we?re more serious than ever about providing security for all.

  • Redundant firewalls help ensure uninterrupted protection from malice on the Web.
  • Redundant web application firewalls provide protection at the application level, where many hackers find a ?back door?.
  • Intrusion protection and DoS/DDoS mitigation suppress ?in your face? style attacks.
  • Encrypted backup, server monitoring and proactive response are just a few of the managed hosting services available to keep web applications running smoothly.

In addition, each Cloud Server has cloud-like scalable resources available at a moments notice.

  • Scale up to four processors and 32 GB of memory quickly as website traffic grows.
  • Tack on Terabytes of easily accessible SAN space
  • Increase resources in anticipation of marketing events and scale back down to what you need once business returns to usual
  • Improve business continuity with premium services like load balancing and high availability switching

Virtualized servers provide scalable resources and on a flexible schedule to help ensure loss of revenue, user dissatisfaction, and brand damage due to downtime never happen.

?EngineNetworks puts each customer inside its security infrastructure, similar to what is found in an enterprise datacenter with the different being the multi-tenancy of the hoster. This is an interesting approach that we believe will work for many customers. So long as the customer does not have particular customized security requirements, they can comfortably fit within this architecture and enjoy security and be in compliance.?

Learn more about how our advanced, Cloud Server configurations can help your business.

New peering agreement with Zen-Systems at SwissIX

17 May 2010 Nessun commento

Engine Networks make a new peering agreement in Zurich under our Autonomous System AS47316 with Zen Systems inside the SwissIX Peering Exhcange.

This will help us to have our services running faster for clients coming from Denmark.

We’re expanding into the Caldera complex, Milano

11 May 2010 Nessun commento

We are very excited to announce the expanding of our newest data center in Milano. At more than 600 square meters, this new data center marks the first time we?re offering all four hosting solutions (colocation, dedicated hosting, managed hosting and VMware Cloud Hosting in Italy).

?The Internet is a vital platform for our customers, and it continues to grow,? said Luca Simonetti,CTO for Engine Networks. ?Our new state-of-the-art DC ensures we stay current and provide the fastest and most reliable network to serve our customers, now and in the future, while providing Engine Networks with enhanced flexible capacity to support its own growth.?

Special Offer : 42U Rack as low as 500EUR per Month

30 April 2010 Nessun commento

Our Milan datacenter provides the ideal solution for multiple colocation racks with maximum power and network reliability.

This data center is located in the Milano Caldera campus. It features fire protection systems, specialised heat and smoke sensors, raised flooring, scalable power for future expansion, 24×7 technical support 365 days a year and multi level security. This facility is part of the Engine Networks multiple 10 Gigabit network and is connected to most major data centres across the EU.

All customers are provided with direct access to our Network Operations Centre and all customers’ connections will be proactively monitored 24×7 by our team.

* Setup fees apply. Terms & Conditions apply. 24/7 Support offered on all racks as standard.

Introducing the Instant Provisioning for VMware vCloud

26 April 2010 Nessun commento

Instant provisioningEngine Networks vCloud Hosting based on VMware vSphere is a reliable, on-demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure solution that ensures compatibility with internal VMware environments and with VMware Virtualized? services worldwide.

On Demand
o   Create virtual machines as needed
o   Add capacity with the click of a button
o   vApp

Pay as you go
o   Pay only for what you use
o   Metered billing for network, CPU, RAM, storage & licensing

o   Seamlessly upgrade your environment
o   Upload your own VMs

Engine Networks vCloud Hosting is specifically designed as an easy and affordable way to try a virtual cloud or host application.  This solution is perfectly suited for test and development or a startup environment. Developers are able to use the Engine Networks vCloud service to rapidly deploy application environments and get started quickly.  The Engine Networks vCloud service retains the robustness, interoperability and reliability that Engine Networks and VMware is known for while delivering the easy access and cost effectiveness of the pay as you go model.

If you’re interested to be a Beta tester please contact us

New 1Gbps redundant fiber link to Equinix ZH1

19 February 2010 Nessun commento

Juniper MX240Engine Network has deployed the new 1 Gbps Fiber Ring to the Equinix Zurich 1 in Switzerland. With this new link Engine Networks will be capable to connect the Equinix ZH1 datacenter to its European Backbone and interconnect all its datacenters with L2 transport, IP-Transit and Colocation services.

Another big step ahead that help us to increase network reliabilty and add new possibility to our customers.

CeBIT 2010: Engine Networks will be there!

3 February 2010 Nessun commento

Hannover, March 2-6

The Think Up project will present a group of 13 excellent ICT companies from Torino and Piemonte region at CeBIT 2010, one of the biggest trade shows for the ICT sector worldwide.

The Engine Networks stand will be located in Pavillion 9 (Future Park), dedicated to innovative technologies and products, within the area coordinated by ICE (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade).

With around 4,300 exhibitors and several networking events, CeBIT attracted more than 400,000 visitors in 2009.

The 2010 edition will be devoted to the theme of “Connected Worlds”: conferences, b2b meetings, promotional actions and additional activities will be organized to boost the discussion on this thematic.

ENGINE Networks invite you to CEBIT 2010

26 January 2010 Nessun commento

ENGINE Networks will be present at CEBIT in Hannover from 2nd of March 2010 to 6th of March 2010. You can find us in our stand B19.

New services, a clear display concept and a concerted campaign of visitor recruitment are designed to build on CeBIT’s strong position as the most important event of the year in the ICT business calendar.

CeBIT 2010 is going to be a highlight, so make sure you’re in on the action, presenting your products and solutions at the world’s No.1 digital marketplace!

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