Cloud IPv6 deployment: Phase 1 completed


The first phase of bringing IPv6 into the cloud has been completed today. The first part of deploying IPv6 involved making sure that all new servers are deployed with IPv6 addresses. Starting now, all Virtual Machines could be deployed with an IPv6 IP address included for free (at no cost). We have ensured that the IPv6 address is setup on all types of platforms (CentOS, debian, windows) and work flawlessly.

All new Virtual Machines servers will continue to be loaded with 4 IPv4 addresses as well as 1 IPv6 address for free. This means that you will be running a dual-stack setup that is accessible by anyone both over IPv4 and IPv6. When the time will come that people will be forced to run over IPv6, your site will be ready and accessible with no problems.

The next phase is allowing current clients to add an IPv6 IP address to their server, this should be added in the coming days. It will allow all of our clients to enable IPv6 on their server by getting assigned an IP address and then it will automatically be deployed on your cloud server.

We are extremely happy to be one of the first cloud platforms to deploy IPv6. We are looking forward to bringing our entire cloud platform to IPv6 before the next World IPv6 day so that our clients are able to participate in it using our cloud platform. As usual, if you notice any issues where something doesn?t go right or you have any questions about IPv6, please contact us.

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