Disaster Recovery: Safeguarding Your Data


Here?s a little advice from your colocation experts: Don?t be caught without a safety net. The effects of data loss can range from being mildly annoying to financially devastating. Although it can arise from outside sources such as natural disasters, the large majority of data loss results from human error. To avoid losing valuable company data, we recommend that companies implement several important practices.

Protect the physical safety and performance of your computers by housing them in areas that are clean, dry and away from locations where accidents could easily occur. Electrical surges can also damage computers. Having an un-interrupted power supply may prevent this type of damage, but you?ll also want to account for the possibility of static electricity with surge protectors.

You have probably heard that you should back up your data. This is more difficult to manage when multiple people have access to company files. Administering effective company-wide procedures and conducting regular trainings on computer virus protection can help mitigate unintentional and costly errors.

All of these measures can help prevent data loss, but nothing replaces backing up your company files with the assistance of Engine Networks? data center services, such as co-location, managed hosting, and disaster recovery through different datacentres. Engine Networks? Data Centers are state of the art.

Our security, reliability and expertise are world-class. Plus, our Technical Support ensures that you are covered at every level and every step of the way. Since Engine Networks fully builds, deploys and manages IT operations, we have all of the tools, materials and devices you might need in our data center.

Learn more about Engine Networks? solutions or contact a sales rep.

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