How Can Current Events Affect Your Business Connectivity?

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How Can Current Events Affect Your Business Connectivity?

14 December 2011 Nessun commento

Have you ever thought about how current events might affect your business connectivity and bandwidth needs? I was reading an article on CNN?s website about the untimely death of Michael Jackson and the effects it had on Internet traffic. CNN claimed to have had a fivefold increase in traffic after Jackson?s passing. They reported 20 MILLION page views the HOUR the story broke. 20 million, in one hour. It made me think how an unforeseen news event could impact a business? bandwidth needs.

Google, which has one of the largest infrastructures on the Internet, reported that users were complaining that the service was unavailable for a length of time after Jackson?s death as well. Google news was down; something that I didn?t even know was possible. Twitter also crashed.

What will happen to your business connectivity if your cousin is on the news and mentions your website? Do you have enough bandwidth to take advantage in a giant spike of your web traffic? Would you even know what to do? How quickly can you react to avert a problem?

Planning after the fact means you missed an opportunity, or worse, let your customers down. My point is: are you prepared for an unplanned event, good or bad?

Most customers that I speak with daily at Engine Networks ask about how we plan for the worst case scenario. They rarely ask about the best case scenario. What happens to your business connectivity if there is a stampede to your server?

Will you be ready?

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Should Page Speed Influence Google PageRank?

23 November 2009 Nessun commento

Matt Cutts, a software engineer and an eloquent corporate spokesman for Google, spoke at PubCon earlier this month and later gave a video interview to Web Pro News, in which he said that the speed at which web pages are available might become a factor in SEO moving into 2010. He said that because many within Google consider fastness to be vital to the web, the company is considering making web site speed a factor in calculating page rankings. Those comments have confused and scared many folks as to how speed might impact their businesses.

With Engine Networks you don’t have to worry about that, becouse our backbone is peering dirctly with Google backbone improving connectivity and gaining speed and reactiveness.

New peering agreement with Google at SwissIX

3 January 2009 Nessun commento

Engine Networks make a new peering agreement in Zurich with Google inside the SwissIX Peering Exhcange.

This will help us to reach the Google services like Google Search Engine, Gmail, Google Analitics much faster.

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