Why Private Clouds?

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Why Private Clouds?

28 July 2010 Nessun commento

Why consider a private cloud? If I can put together an email account, online office environment, and group collaboration site in 10 minutes through Microsoft or Google, why should I consider building an internal cloud infrastructure, or leasing infrastructure from a cloud services provider (CSP) to meet my business objectives?

Well, whether you are in the European Union, North America, or Asia, there are compelling reasons to separate your data from a public cloud. Maybe it is related to privacy considerations. Possibly security requirements. Perhaps you need to ensure you have total control over the location and structure of your mission-critical data.

So let?s consider a few of the benefits cloud computing bring to your organization:

The option of outsourcing physical data center infrastructure to a Engine Networks

    Usage-based billing
    Infrastructure virtualization
    Software as a Service (SaaS) applications standardization
    Rapid infrastructure expansion/scalability
    Physical and application level security
    Infrastructure consolidation
    And on?

In reality, while costs may be reduced if outsourcing into a public cloud, all of the above characteristics of cloud computing apply equally to a private cloud. The main difference is your internal IT department or Engine Networks is responsible for expanding resources as needed to meet your business objectives through a level of physical provisioning vs. simply expanding further into a public cloud resource.

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Making the Connection between Private Clouds and Public Clouds

25 November 2009 Nessun commento

Charles Babcock recently wrote an article entitled, ?Hybrid Clouds Floating to Enterprise Forefront? which ran in InformationWeek.  He attended the Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, where speakers raised the prospect of private clouds working with public clouds, creating hybrid clouds.

The hybrid cloud is not a term we?ve never seen or heard before.  However, it seems in his article that there aren?t many providers out there actually doing the hybrid cloud approach with their clients.  But Engine Networks is. For over two years Engine Networks has offered a private cloud solution in conjunction with our public cloud hosting solution.  Our clients? ability to have their own internal cloud which has the capability to spill over and utilize our public cloud when necessary has proved itself very valuable.  So yes, Mr. Babcock and the Expo speakers, the hybrid cloud computing approach is going to continue to gain traction.

For those companies who are fearful of ?losing control? in the cloud, the private cloud approach is extremely beneficial because those companies are able to gain access to the benefits of cloud computing while still controlling their own infrastructure in house.  So not only is the private cloud a good starting point, but with the right cloud technology (like Engine Networks?s), it doesn?t have to be the end of their cloud strategy.

Learn more about Engine Networks’s private cloud solution or contact a sales rep.

Read the original InformationWeek article.

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