37 european Data Center available for Engine Networks Inter-Cloud

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37 european Data Center available for Engine Networks Inter-Cloud

27 September 2010 Nessun commento

ENGINE Networks is deploying a new multi Gigabits Optic Fiber interconnection links between several DataCenters across europe, and many others will be interconnected in the next months. Here there is a list of the DC where the Private Cloud interconnection services are available :

  • Italy, Milan, Netscalibur , Via Caldera 21-Bldg. E
  • Italy, Milan, Seeweb, Via Caldera 21- Bldg. B
  • Italy, Milan, KPNquest, Via Caldera 21- Bldg. B
  • Italy, Milan, MIX, Via Caldera 21 – Bldg D
  • Italy, Rome, Eur Facility, Via della civilt? del lavoro
  • Italy, Rome, Namex, Via Dei Tizii 6b
  • France, Paris, Telehouse 1 – 38 rue des Jeuneurs
  • France, Paris, Telehouse 2 – 137 Boulevard Voltaire
  • France, Paris, Interxion – 45 Avenue Victor Hugo ? Aubervilliers
  • France, Paris, Interxion 2 – 20 rue des Gardinoux
  • France, Paris, Telecity Hugo – 45 Avenue Victor Hugo ? Aubervilliers
  • France, Paris, Telecity Energy Park (red) – 130-136 bd de Verdun – Courbevoie
  • France, Paris, Global Switch – 7/9 Rue Petit – Clichy
  • France, Paris, Equinix IX – 114 rue Ambroise Croizat ? Saint-Denis
  • Switzerland, Geneve, Equinix1 – 6 rue de la confederation
  • Switzerland, Zurich, Equinix ZH1 – Hardstrasse 235
  • Switzerland, Zurich, Equinix ZH2Josefstrasse 225
  • Switzerland, Zurich, ICT Center – Josefstrasse 225
  • Switzerland, Zurich, Colozueri – Badenerstrasse 569
  • Switzerland, Zurich, InterxionSagereistrasse 29
  • Portugal, Lisboa, Carrier House – Rua Severiano Falc?o 14
  • Portugal, Lisboa, GigaPix – Avenida do Brasil 101
  • UK, London, Telehouse North – 14 Coriander Avenue
  • UK, London, Telehouse East – 18 Coriander Avenue
  • UK, London, Telecity Mirlarbour – 47 Millharbour
  • UK, London, Telecity HEX – 8-9 Harbour Exchange
  • UK, London, Telecity 1 – 6-7 Harbour Exchange
  • UK, London, Equinix – 101 Finsbury Pavement
  • UK, London, Interxion (Brick Lane) – 11 Hanbury Street
  • UK, London, Redbus – 227 Marsh Wall
  • UK, London, Level 3 Goswell .- 260 Goswell Road
  • UK, London, London Hosting Centre – 5-6 Greenwich View Place
  • UK, London, Telehouse Metro – 65 Clifton St
  • UK, London, Level3 – 6 Braham St
  • UK, London, Equinix Park Royal – 900 Coronation Road
  • UK, London, Global Switch 2 – 3 Nutmeg Lane
  • UK, London, Equinix Heatrow – Bath Road Unit 1 Airport

Every Datacenter and PoP could be interconnect with a L3 MPLS link from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps or with the new revolutionary L2 VPLS links up to 10Gbps.

#064 Planned Maintenance: 14.05.2010, 20:00 ? 15.05.2010 12:00 CEST VMware Cloud Upgrade

12 May 2010 Nessun commento

As a result of software-upgrades from VMware ESX3.5 to the new VMware vSphere (formerly ESX4) in our VMware Cloud Hosting platform and infrastructure, customers VMware Virtual Machines and VMware Dedicated Host servers at the according locations could be temporarely unavailable for nearly 15/30mins.  The upgrades will start on the 14.05.2010 at 20:00 and will be completed on 15.05.2010 at 12:00.

This maintenance concerns :
- VMware Cloud Hosting Cluster#1, Cluster#3 and Cluster#5 based in Zurich.
- VMware Cloud Hosting Cluster#2, Cluster#4, Cluster#6 based in Geneva.
- VMware Dedicated Hosting based in Zurich and Geneva.

This maintenance do not concerns :

- VMware Cloud Hosting Clusters based in Milan
- VMware Dedicated Hosting based in Milano
- VMware Dedicated Hosting already upgraded with VMware vSphere
- Colocation and Housing
- IP-Transit, Ethernet Services, MPLS and VPN services

Each customer Virtual Machine needed to be rebooted twice or three times to let our technicians update Virtual Machines to VMware vSphere Virtual Machine. Each reboot could not need more then few minutes.
Please, notice that reboot could be not consecutive and could be spanned across the maintenance time window. Anyway, activities will not be longer then 15/30mins for each Virtual Machine.

NOTE: No hard reboot will be done on Customer Virtual Machines. To let our technician be able to soft reboot the guest OS, all the Virtual Machines needs to have VMware Tools installed and upgraded. All unManaged VMware customers are pleased to install the VMware Tools ro upgrade it to the last version. For any support about VMware Tools upgrade or VMware Tools installation you could contact our Technical Support team through Support portal at support.enginenetworks.net or by email at [email protected]

All times are CEST time zone.
Of course we’ll try to keep the outages as short as possible.

Should we encounter any problems during the maintenance, we will
postpone the remaining upgrades to a later date, which of course will be
announced before. Please be also aware, that the timetable may vary a
bit in case of unpredictable delays.

All activities will be updated promptly on our twitter channel http://twitter.com/enginenetworks and by email.

Introducing the Instant Provisioning for VMware vCloud

26 April 2010 Nessun commento

Instant provisioningEngine Networks vCloud Hosting based on VMware vSphere is a reliable, on-demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure solution that ensures compatibility with internal VMware environments and with VMware Virtualized? services worldwide.

On Demand
o   Create virtual machines as needed
o   Add capacity with the click of a button
o   vApp

Pay as you go
o   Pay only for what you use
o   Metered billing for network, CPU, RAM, storage & licensing

o   Seamlessly upgrade your environment
o   Upload your own VMs

Engine Networks vCloud Hosting is specifically designed as an easy and affordable way to try a virtual cloud or host application.  This solution is perfectly suited for test and development or a startup environment. Developers are able to use the Engine Networks vCloud service to rapidly deploy application environments and get started quickly.  The Engine Networks vCloud service retains the robustness, interoperability and reliability that Engine Networks and VMware is known for while delivering the easy access and cost effectiveness of the pay as you go model.

If you’re interested to be a Beta tester please contact us

What type of Cloud Hosting does Engine Networks provide?

16 October 2009 Nessun commento

Not all Cloud hosting uses the same computing technology, resulting in dramatically varying levels of scalability, reliability and performance. Our HP & VMware Cloud hosting platform uses genuine, purpose-built HP Blade server technology coupled with VMware (the industry’s premier virtualisation software), to control server resources.

HP VMwareHardware Configuration.
We utilise multiple HP Blade enclosures which contain up to 16 Blades per enclosure. HP Blades are servers that are mounted vertically which allows more units to fit into a smaller amount of data centre space, resulting in energy savings.

Our storage arrays employ fibre channel disks connected via fibre optics which are the fastest disks in the world today, and the best way to connect storage devices to Blade servers. Read/write bottlenecks encountered when using classic VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and physical dedicated servers are now a thing of the past.

Geniune Cloud Hosting
We have carefully selected this combination of technology and specific type and configuration of hardware because together, they provide scalability, reliability and performance above anything else available today. Many other hosting providers advertise their offering as Cloud but in reality, they provide single stand-alone servers which are virtualised. Our genuine Cloud Hosting platform simply cannot be bettered.

How many VMs per ESX can I expect in a production environment?

29 September 2009 Nessun commento

Engine Networks uses VMware for its virtualization offerings and we thought it would be useful to share some stats on how much consolidation we see in the ?real world?.

Bear in mind that our sales consultants and engineers tailor solutions primarily for web facing, intensive transactional web systems many with high traffic and peaking around events so what we see is quite different from what might be expected in a more ?normal? IT situation (if such a thing exists). We also deal with multiple environments for customers ? live/production, pre-production/QA and test ? each of which has a different profile.

We manage several hundred VMs today and the average consolidation varies enormously environment to environment. In test environments we see perhaps what you would expect, around 20 VMs per ESX. In pre-production/QA environments we are seeing 8 to 15 VMs per ESX and in live/production environments, the average drops to 5-12 VMs per ESX. This is because most customers see the high availability features of VM as most important in production environments, rather than straight cost savings (although 1:3 or 1:5 is already quite a good saving!). In these cases, a host must be able, at any moment, to handle all the Virtual Machines from another host that is experiencing failure.

Quite a range of results, isn?t it? It shows, to us at least, the need for specialist consultancy and experience to get the best out of your infrastructure. See here for more info.

Compliant Hybrid Cloud Solution

22 September 2009 Nessun commento

A marketing software as a service company needed a reliable, redundant infrastructure promising security and compliance for guaranteed uptime and compatibility. Engine Networks combined their platform with VMware vCloud, LeftHand SAN technology and HP Blades to create a cost effective, scalable, reliable and compliance solution with VPN to allow communication betweeb customers in-house servers and Engine Networks’ virtual cloud. Learn how Engine Networks built and public and private hybrid cloud solution that met Customers compliance and scale needs.

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