#064 Planned Maintenance: 14.05.2010, 20:00 ? 15.05.2010 12:00 CEST VMware Cloud Upgrade

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#064 Planned Maintenance: 14.05.2010, 20:00 ? 15.05.2010 12:00 CEST VMware Cloud Upgrade

12 May 2010 Nessun commento

As a result of software-upgrades from VMware ESX3.5 to the new VMware vSphere (formerly ESX4) in our VMware Cloud Hosting platform and infrastructure, customers VMware Virtual Machines and VMware Dedicated Host servers at the according locations could be temporarely unavailable for nearly 15/30mins.  The upgrades will start on the 14.05.2010 at 20:00 and will be completed on 15.05.2010 at 12:00.

This maintenance concerns :
- VMware Cloud Hosting Cluster#1, Cluster#3 and Cluster#5 based in Zurich.
- VMware Cloud Hosting Cluster#2, Cluster#4, Cluster#6 based in Geneva.
- VMware Dedicated Hosting based in Zurich and Geneva.

This maintenance do not concerns :

- VMware Cloud Hosting Clusters based in Milan
- VMware Dedicated Hosting based in Milano
- VMware Dedicated Hosting already upgraded with VMware vSphere
- Colocation and Housing
- IP-Transit, Ethernet Services, MPLS and VPN services

Each customer Virtual Machine needed to be rebooted twice or three times to let our technicians update Virtual Machines to VMware vSphere Virtual Machine. Each reboot could not need more then few minutes.
Please, notice that reboot could be not consecutive and could be spanned across the maintenance time window. Anyway, activities will not be longer then 15/30mins for each Virtual Machine.

NOTE: No hard reboot will be done on Customer Virtual Machines. To let our technician be able to soft reboot the guest OS, all the Virtual Machines needs to have VMware Tools installed and upgraded. All unManaged VMware customers are pleased to install the VMware Tools ro upgrade it to the last version. For any support about VMware Tools upgrade or VMware Tools installation you could contact our Technical Support team through Support portal at support.enginenetworks.net or by email at [email protected]

All times are CEST time zone.
Of course we’ll try to keep the outages as short as possible.

Should we encounter any problems during the maintenance, we will
postpone the remaining upgrades to a later date, which of course will be
announced before. Please be also aware, that the timetable may vary a
bit in case of unpredictable delays.

All activities will be updated promptly on our twitter channel http://twitter.com/enginenetworks and by email.

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